Life jackets save lives

How many people think they know how to swim and are confident nothing will happen to them in the water or on a boat? How many people feel uncomfortable wearing a life jacket or vest – it’s too hot, too bulky, too ugly? There are many people who would be alive today if they had given themselves the survival advantage of wearing a life jacket.

The problem often is a simple lack of awareness and of just not being alert to the dangers of being in or near large bodies of water. Social revelry can cloud judgment and can put yourself and other people in danger. Accidents do happen to even the strongest of swimmers. Speed is another factor that can lead to boating collisions or not seeing swimmers, surfers or divers in time. Being knocked unconscious without a life vest or jacket would be difficult to survive. However there’s a chance that you could if you exercised common sense and wore one yourself and also ensured that everyone else wore one too.

Most boating fatalities are from drowning and approximately three quarters of these fatalities were reported as not wearing life jackets. Imagine the heartache that could have been spared from the families whose loved one/s could have survived by simply wearing a life jacket. Such a waste.

The thing is, that these days life jackets are lighter, more attractive and easily adjustable so that they allow you mobility and flexibility in the activities you do on the water. Life jacket styles include manual inflatables and instantly inflatable as soon as they are submerged in the water. There simply is no excuse for not being able to find one that looks great, feels comfortable and suits your needs.

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    Life Jackets and PFD’s – Essential Safety Devices

    Life jackets may be the #1 safety device needed for all boaters. No matter what your age, or experience, a life jacket or PDF is a must-have for everyone on board!

    Life Jackets:

    Life jackets come in two main styles: standard and small vessel. Standard life jackets are the most recommended since they offer the best protection and durability. They come in the following colors to enable you to be seen in the water: red, orange and yellow.

    Standard Life Jackets:

    A good-quality standard life jacket has several main objectives. They are designed to:

    -Turn you on your back, keeping your face out of the water, even if you are knocked unconscious.

    -Good for all water conditions.

    -Sized appropriately for both children and adults.

    Small Vessel Life Jackets:

    Since small vessel jackets are generally worn on smaller-sized ponds, lakes and river they do not offer the same protection as standard life jackets, which are worn when on rough seas. These devices offer:

    -Less flotation.

    -Slower turn around from to back when in the water (which could cause water ingestion).

    -Only 3 sizes, which may not fit every body size/type properly.

    Personal Flotation Devices (PDF’s):

    Personal Flotation Devices, commonly known as PDF’s, are most used for pleasure crafting such as canoeing, kayaking and sail boarding, among others. Although they come in a variety of stylish colors, most water experts agree that the best choice is red, orange or yellow, since they allow rescue workers t located you faster when in the water.

    Most people prefer the use of PDF’s over standard life jackets because they are more comfortable. But, keep in mind when choosing between the two, that PDF comfort may give way to safety. They offer far less flotation and turning capability if thrown in the water, and shouldn’t usually be worn by children or poor swimmers.

    Choosing a Personal Flotation Device style depends a great deal on our needs, and the type of activity you will be engaged in. When traveling at high speeds, a PDF featuring three or more chest belts are recommended. Cold-water users should consider purchasing a PDF with thermal protection and those who wear a PDF for a specific ongoing recreational purpose (ie: canoeing, sailing, etc). Use one specifically designed for that sport.

    Properly Fitting Children:

    For the best protection, children should always wear a life jacket or PDF that has been specifically sized for them. It is NEVER acceptable for a child to be strapped into an adult sized flotation device of any kind. Even when wearing the correct size and style for their age, children’s safety devices should also feature:

    -Large collars for proper head support in case of an accident.

    -Waist ties in front.

    -Safety straps between the legs to keep the device form slipping over their heads and off.

    -Reflective buckles and straps to make locating them in the water easier and faster.

    In addition every life jacket and PDF should be kept in its best condition by:

    -Never kneeling or sitting on it.

    -Checking regularly for buoyancy.
    Making sure all straps, zippers and buckles remain in tip-top shape – void of pulls, rips or small tears.

    -Checking to be sure all straps remain attached securely and properly.

    -Dried in open air to avoid heat damage.

    Keeping your emergency flotation device in good condition is essential to ensuring that it will work properly in case of an emergency.

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    How old do you have to be to drive somebody else on a jet ski in the state of Michigan?

    I am almost 16 years old with my boaters safety license. I’m not sure if I can drive my girlfriend on the jet ski(she is 16 also) I won’t have my drivers license until a week after.So is it legal for me to take her out on the jet ski if i am 16 with Boating License?

    Teaching children how to swim [CNN 7-28-2011]

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      Functional test of self-inflatable life jacket

      selvoppustelig redningsvest

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        Naya Infant Life Jacket

        Naya Infant Life Jacket demoed in a pool before our sailing trip.

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          Top 7 Life Jacket

          7. Revere ComfortMax Auto – Inflatable Lifevest PFD 6. Astral WonderJacket 5. Mustang Deluxe Inflatable PFD (Auto Activation) 4. Stohlquist Fisherman Personal Floatation Device 3. Stearns SoSpenders World Class Series Sailing Automatic Vest (Navy, Universal) 2. Stearns Sospenders Auto/Manual Inflatable Life Jacket 1. Mustang MD3183 Deluxe Inflatable PFD with HIT

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            Critter’s Inflatable life vest

   Critter’s Inflatable live vest is a great vest for your dog when you go out on the water. It is the only self inflation vest for pets on the market. Critter’s Inflatable can also be inflated by mouth though a tube on the side of the vest. Critter’s Inflatable does not cover a large portion of your dogs body so your dog can move without any hindrance. The vest is comfortable and easy to adjust to fit perfectly on your dog. It comes in three sizes – small, medium and large so it can fit dogs of all sizes. Critter’s Inflatable life is slight so your dog does not get as hot wearing it as other life vests.

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              Stohlquist Fisherman Personal Floatation Device

              Click here for more details: the FISHERMAN provides excellent cockpit management with places for the little things that could end up in your seat,

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                5 Bestselling Life Jackets & Vests

                Life Jackets & Vests 1.Stearns SoSpenders World Class Series Sailing Automatic Vest (Navy, Universal) roduct/B000NV9W9Q/ref=as_l i_ss_tl? ie=UTF8&tag=sportsnoutdoor- 20&linkCode=as2&camp=2171 45&creative=399349&creative ASIN=B000NV9W9Q 2.Super Soft Adult Large Vinyl Life Vest – Set Of 2 – Yellow roduct/B000GYCV5W/ref=as_li _ss_tl? ie=UTF8&tag=sportsnoutdoor- 20&linkCode=as2&camp=2171 45&creative=399349&creative ASIN=B000GYCV5W 3.O’Neill Revenge Neoprene Flotation Vest roduct/B004I9Y6Z4/ref=as_li_ ss_tl? ie=UTF8&tag=sportsnoutdoor- 20&linkCode=as2&camp=2171 45&creative=399349&creative ASIN=B004I9Y6Z4 4.Helium Life Jackets Risky Business – X-Large roduct/B003WQN4XO/ref=as_l i_ss_tl? ie=UTF8&tag=sportsnoutdoor- 20&linkCode=as2&camp=2171 45&creative=399349&creative ASIN=B003WQN4XO 5.Astral Norge Kayak Lifejacket roduct/B00401UIS4/ref=as_li_ ss_tl? ie=UTF8&tag=sportsnoutdoor- 20&linkCode=as2&camp=2171 45&creative=399349&creative ASIN=B00401UIS4

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                  AquaSMART Lesson #2

                  Being prepared means having your life jacket on at all times. You never know what can happen out there on the water!

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                    Onyx A/M24 Inflatable Life Jacket.mpg

                    Onyx Automatic | Manual Inflatable Personal Flotation Device available at Ocean Marine and Tackle.

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